Enclosed IR Friendly Cabinets

Key Features

  • Enclosed IR-Friendly Cabinet Sizes – 110cm, 120cm, 160cm
  • Various Glass & Wood Finishes
  • Enclosed IR-Friendly Operation
  • A Clean, Clutter-Free Design

Display Your TV and Hide Your Wires, with our Enclosed IR Friendly Cabinets in the ST Series of cabinets, from Accord Concept

Wires are a nuisance. They are messy, ugly, frustrating and easily get tangled together. The last thing you want to see in your living space is a jumble of cables in different lengths, colours and sizes, looking cluttered and ruining the clean, tidy look you spend so much time and effort working to achieve in your home. with an enclosed tv cabinet from accord concept, your wires are no longer a problem, hidden away effortlessly.

Our enclosed cabinets allow your AV equipment to function effortlessly. With either IR-friendly glass (ST120i), IR-Friendly Speaker Fabric (ST 110,160,360) or an IR Repeater included (ST110, ST160 and ST360), you can maintain functionality whilst keeping cabinet doors closed. Our IR Friendly cabinets come in three different widths, with a range of glass, wood and textile options for cabinet fronts, tops and sides.

All of our glass is scratch and stain resistant, strengthened to hold all of your equipment safely and in style.  Stylish brushed aluminium legs raise the cabinets off the ground on either a simple, understated plinth on the ST160 or more modern legs on the ST360.

Well ventilated, with lots of space, the ST series are all fully enclosed cabinets, designed to hide wires and hardware for a minimalist, clean, fresh look.

Enclosed IR Friendly Cabinets