Signal Blocking Key Box Faraday Cage Wayfair ReBrilliant RFIDConnected Essentials RFID Signal Blocking Key BoxSignal Blocking Key Box Dimensions 14cmx14cmx16cm
Signal Blocking Key Box Faraday Cage Wayfair ReBrilliant RFID
Connected Essentials RFID Signal Blocking Key Box
Signal Blocking Key Box Dimensions 14cmx14cmx16cm

RFID Signal Blocker Key Box – Faraday Cage style storage for keyless cars


Connected Essentials RFID Signal Blocking Key Box – CEG-90

Designed to store car keys securely and help protect keyless entry vehicles from theft whilst at home or at work.


  • Innovative Signal-Blocking lining material blocks radio (RF) signals that are emitted from your car fob/key.
  • External flap seals the design tightly, and helps protects keys from fishing rod type theft through letterboxes
  • Ample Space to store multiple Car keys, House Keys, Wallets together
  • Luxury Soft-Touch design
  • Designed to complement your home decor – Compact dimensions make the Signal Blocking Box a discrete addition to your living room, hallway, kitchen or anywhere around the home.
  • Also blocks other digital signals such as Bluetooth, wi-fi, phone signal as well as contactless NFC technology.
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Car theft crisis – The number of keyless entry cars stolen on the rise, and Letterbox theft is becoming more and more common. Is your car at risk? If so, a faraday cage which is a Signal Blocking Key box could be the answer.

What is Keyless Theft?



source: Evening Express

Keyless theft is a growing concern for motorists across the UK.

It is carried out with the help of relay boxes which emulates the signal from your car key. This provides thieves with access to your vehicle without forced entry. Your vehicle can be driven away as if the key was present.

For more information, visit BBC News.




What is Letterbox Theft?

A thief will use any opportunity open to him or her to steal a vehicle. One of the popular ways is for a criminal to use an

implement such as a fishing rod through a letterbox to hook keys. This is becoming an increasingly common method of stealing vehicles

as it is quiet, and does not damage the vehicle. Letterbox burglary is also a real threat, with 65 cars stolen in the Richmond area of London alone between January and October 2003.

(Source: The Guardian)



Am I at risk from car theft?

A growing number of new cars are made with keyless entry systems that allow owners to open them with the brush of a hand, as long as their actual key is nearby.

New research by the consumer group Which? identifies that hundreds of popular cars – including four of the five best-selling models in the UK – are susceptible to keyless theft. (source: BBC News).

Thatcham Research assessed the vulnerability of cars to relay theft, identifying the Ford Mondeo, Hyundai Nexo, Kia ProCeed, Lexus UX, Porsche Macan, and Toyota Corolla Hybrid as some of the most vulnerable. (Source BBC News)

So, How Can I Protect My Vehicle & Keys from being stolen?

First of all, take the standard security measures: ensure your car is fully locked, and keep keys away from doors and windows. This will minimise the chance of a thief being able to find the key and amplify it’s signal and is good practice for protecting your belongings generally. (Source: Autoexpress)

However, this will not fully stop keyless theft. Most vehicles are constantly emitting their signal, meaning your vehicle will always be at risk of theft.

Purchase a Signal Blocking Key Box

As a result, We have developed our CEG-90 Signal Blocking Key Box to address this problem. It allows you to store your home and car keys securely, shielded within a protective signal blocking lining a faraday cage, which ensures that no radio signal can be picked up by external relays.

Additionally, the design of the CEG-90 key signal blocker prevents theft through older physical methods such as through letterboxes, thanks to its magnetised external flap which holds securely in place.

To provide the highest level of security  in using the signal blocking box for day to day use, follow the guidelines below:

1. Make sure your vehicle keys are placed securely within the Rebrilliant Signal Blocking Key Box. Then, ensure the inner lid of the faraday cage is closed fully and the over flap is securely pulled into place.

2. Place your Key Store at the furthest practical point from your vehicle, and away from external walls.

3. Check the effectiveness of the Key Safe on a regular basis. Carry out the tests printed on the signal blocking key box packaging insert often.

4. Should your Key blocker of faraday cage develop any damage or gaps in the closing flaps, its effectiveness may be diminished.

Base Dimensions: 14 x 16 cm

Internal Dimensions: 11.5cm x 13.5cm


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Dimensions 14 × 16 × 8 cm
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CEG-90 General Use Guide

CEG-90 General Use Guide

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